Wednesday, February 24, 2010

taking a break

so... it was birthday weekend at the sereno house. mom had her birthday on sunday and i make a yellow cake with chocoloate icing. it came ou pretty good, a little overcooked but no one really noticed and we all hung out and had a fun night together.

Tuesday was cameron's birthday and him and mom and carrie all went skiing. they said they had a good time. well cameron wanted some kind of strawberry type cake and i could've just bought a container of strawberry frosting but i pride myself on my frosting making so i attempted it. well i had gotten fresh strawberries from the farm store at school and came home and cut them up and blended them in my magic bullet so they would be pureed so that i can blend them into my frosting... okay so first attempt was thin cause i had added some milk and the strawberries and it was just too much liquid. second attempt no milk... still too thin, except this time i think the butter separated from the sugar and strawberry cause of some chemical reaction. so i just decided to pour it over the white cake i had made and hope it worked out... well it was the ugliest and most difficult cake ever... but it tasted good. and cameron liked it and thats all that mattered.

also another interesting story... there is this girl named nicolette that i have in my bio lecture and lab class... well she had emailed me the other day to ask some questions about a bio quiz and she texted me yesterday about the bio lab report. and today after we got out of our lab she came up to me and handed me a hostess cupcake and she said, "this is for you. i just wanted to thank you for helping me out." i can't tell you how touch i was. I mean, it was a simple thing, but no one ever does that so i was so impressed. just thought i would share the little highlight to my day...

also these are my goals for this weekend and into the beginning of next week...

  • finish rough draft of term paper and send to jessica for proofing (she's the best!)

  • complete write-up for analysis of "Lars and the Real Girl"

  • Read all chapter for Tests and Measurements

  • have room cleaned and laundry done

so there is the most of it... not all. i am going to squeeze in some work hours, quality time with eddie and hanging out with the girls!! (lets get happy!)

also, next tuesday is when i go in to get my front tooth extracted, bone graft put in, and when i get my flipper. i don't really want to go into it. its giving me anxiety and i've found that the best way to avoid that is to take the procedure for what it is, not think about its negatiove consequnces, and just focus on how it will benefit me in the future. just thought i would let everyone know its happening.

i'm better get back to studying for my bio test, i need a good grade.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

reader's digest update

  • im thinking about moving up the wedding...i hate having to go home to separate houses at night.
  • i just finished a 9 page bio lab report and now i have another 5 page one due on wednesday
  • i just took a bio test that i didn't study enough for and i'm unhappy with how i did.
  • I have been assigned a 9 page mid-term for my philosophy class that is due in a week and i also have a 9 page term paper for the same class due in 3 weeks
  • i am really beginning to run out of money because i have been focusing on my #1 job, school, and therefore my #2 job, Marie's, is suffering.
  • I am so happy to be fortunate enough to have the focus, motivation and means to be able to do all these things that i have been doing.
  • I really want a dog or cat or some sort of animal. i know that sounds backwards because of my lack of time, but i can't stop looking at pictures. i know it'll come to me in due time.

I am not saying this to complain or anything. but its just what's happening in my life right now. I am also so grateful for the support and understanding that i have been getting from my friends and family. My mom has been so great and encouraging and also doing little things for me that make my life so much easier. anyways... here i go, off the grid once again.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How i got engaged...

so i guess i'll start from the beginning. I'll tell it like i look back on it, not how it was actually happening with me outside the loop.

let me first mention some things that me and eddie had kind of joked about in the past. We had heard a story about this guy getting his girlfriend's nails done the day before he proposed so that her hands and nails would look gorgeous when she went to show off her ring. i told him that i wanted him to do that for me cause i bite my nails and have ugly hands. Antoher thing we saw was a guy proposed to and all of the girls friends friends and family were there hiding and i thought it was so cute! i loved it! okay... now on with the story

So it all basically started on Monday morning. It had a couple of big projects due at school and i was at home working on them like a mad woman. but i had told Emily and Jennie wanted to go get our nails done, so i took a break. well come to find out later, it was all set up by eddie. Eddie was working in the morning and i had to work at night. So i went off to work and i knew Eddie was getting off about 4. So when i got off work at about 7 i called him... He didn't answer. Then i walk in the door and only Cameron and Carrie were home. I asked where Mom and Dad were... "on a date" A date? on monday night... weird, but okay. so then Eddie finally calls me back and says that he was christmas shopping. and Mom and Dad came home and they went on a date to P.F.Changs. I later found out that Eddie had taken them to dinner to let them in on the plan... and to ask my dad for permission.

got to shower for school tomorrow... more later!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello Two Thousand Ten!!

So... its here. this is my year. this is our year.
  • My second semester at a university
  • My year of wedding planning
  • My year of dedication and hard work
  • Loryn is getting married this year and i get to be a bridesmaid
  • I am getting married this year
  • I am going to be moving out of the house this year
  • I am going to hopefully be getting a pet this year
  • I am going to spend some time at disneyland
  • My year to save lots of money
  • My year to spend lots of money
  • My year to enjoy living with my family... I'm gonna miss living with them
I wish i could make resolutions, but i think that a lot of times i am okay with not meet my resolutions, so i try to wait to make goals for a few weeks, but they'll consist of something like lose weight, save money... etc. etc. you know how it goes.

I'm so tired (and thats a story for later) and i think i am going to bed. But i want to blog about a few things... let me list them so i won't forget.
  1. New Years eve party/night
  2. Rose Parade
  3. First date of 2010
  4. how i got engaged
  5. Christmas
  6. In-Laws
  7. Winter Semester
  8. My Very Best Friend's Birthday and Our Anniversary
okay... goodnight new blog.