Sunday, January 3, 2010

How i got engaged...

so i guess i'll start from the beginning. I'll tell it like i look back on it, not how it was actually happening with me outside the loop.

let me first mention some things that me and eddie had kind of joked about in the past. We had heard a story about this guy getting his girlfriend's nails done the day before he proposed so that her hands and nails would look gorgeous when she went to show off her ring. i told him that i wanted him to do that for me cause i bite my nails and have ugly hands. Antoher thing we saw was a guy proposed to and all of the girls friends friends and family were there hiding and i thought it was so cute! i loved it! okay... now on with the story

So it all basically started on Monday morning. It had a couple of big projects due at school and i was at home working on them like a mad woman. but i had told Emily and Jennie wanted to go get our nails done, so i took a break. well come to find out later, it was all set up by eddie. Eddie was working in the morning and i had to work at night. So i went off to work and i knew Eddie was getting off about 4. So when i got off work at about 7 i called him... He didn't answer. Then i walk in the door and only Cameron and Carrie were home. I asked where Mom and Dad were... "on a date" A date? on monday night... weird, but okay. so then Eddie finally calls me back and says that he was christmas shopping. and Mom and Dad came home and they went on a date to P.F.Changs. I later found out that Eddie had taken them to dinner to let them in on the plan... and to ask my dad for permission.

got to shower for school tomorrow... more later!


  1. You leave off THERE?! I wait a month to hear about this, and you leave off THERE?!?!?! Get blogging, will you? :)

  2. How MUCH later? It's been a week! :)

  3. finish this!! I want to hear about it. Also how did you guys meet-etc...etc...