Wednesday, February 24, 2010

taking a break

so... it was birthday weekend at the sereno house. mom had her birthday on sunday and i make a yellow cake with chocoloate icing. it came ou pretty good, a little overcooked but no one really noticed and we all hung out and had a fun night together.

Tuesday was cameron's birthday and him and mom and carrie all went skiing. they said they had a good time. well cameron wanted some kind of strawberry type cake and i could've just bought a container of strawberry frosting but i pride myself on my frosting making so i attempted it. well i had gotten fresh strawberries from the farm store at school and came home and cut them up and blended them in my magic bullet so they would be pureed so that i can blend them into my frosting... okay so first attempt was thin cause i had added some milk and the strawberries and it was just too much liquid. second attempt no milk... still too thin, except this time i think the butter separated from the sugar and strawberry cause of some chemical reaction. so i just decided to pour it over the white cake i had made and hope it worked out... well it was the ugliest and most difficult cake ever... but it tasted good. and cameron liked it and thats all that mattered.

also another interesting story... there is this girl named nicolette that i have in my bio lecture and lab class... well she had emailed me the other day to ask some questions about a bio quiz and she texted me yesterday about the bio lab report. and today after we got out of our lab she came up to me and handed me a hostess cupcake and she said, "this is for you. i just wanted to thank you for helping me out." i can't tell you how touch i was. I mean, it was a simple thing, but no one ever does that so i was so impressed. just thought i would share the little highlight to my day...

also these are my goals for this weekend and into the beginning of next week...

  • finish rough draft of term paper and send to jessica for proofing (she's the best!)

  • complete write-up for analysis of "Lars and the Real Girl"

  • Read all chapter for Tests and Measurements

  • have room cleaned and laundry done

so there is the most of it... not all. i am going to squeeze in some work hours, quality time with eddie and hanging out with the girls!! (lets get happy!)

also, next tuesday is when i go in to get my front tooth extracted, bone graft put in, and when i get my flipper. i don't really want to go into it. its giving me anxiety and i've found that the best way to avoid that is to take the procedure for what it is, not think about its negatiove consequnces, and just focus on how it will benefit me in the future. just thought i would let everyone know its happening.

i'm better get back to studying for my bio test, i need a good grade.

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  1. YUM to the frosting, where's your paper, LOVED Lars, and...what's a flipper? - :) Jess