Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello Two Thousand Ten!!

So... its here. this is my year. this is our year.
  • My second semester at a university
  • My year of wedding planning
  • My year of dedication and hard work
  • Loryn is getting married this year and i get to be a bridesmaid
  • I am getting married this year
  • I am going to be moving out of the house this year
  • I am going to hopefully be getting a pet this year
  • I am going to spend some time at disneyland
  • My year to save lots of money
  • My year to spend lots of money
  • My year to enjoy living with my family... I'm gonna miss living with them
I wish i could make resolutions, but i think that a lot of times i am okay with not meet my resolutions, so i try to wait to make goals for a few weeks, but they'll consist of something like lose weight, save money... etc. etc. you know how it goes.

I'm so tired (and thats a story for later) and i think i am going to bed. But i want to blog about a few things... let me list them so i won't forget.
  1. New Years eve party/night
  2. Rose Parade
  3. First date of 2010
  4. how i got engaged
  5. Christmas
  6. In-Laws
  7. Winter Semester
  8. My Very Best Friend's Birthday and Our Anniversary
okay... goodnight new blog.

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